How to wear the tie correctly.


Some mistakes when choosing and wearing a tie.


The history of wearing a tie is over a century-long. As in ancient times, the men of today they prefer this accessory to all the others. What is the secret of the tie? Why hasn't it gone out of fashion like, for example, a stick or a bowler hat?


The answer is very simple. The tie represents an absolute classic, tie in a moment transforms the dress and creates the finished image. What can fill the empty space between the collar and the belt, but with a touch of class that comes out of the collar of the shirt, if not the tie? And of course, the tie is a great way to decorate yourself! By changing the color, the fabric, the pattern, man can appear in a new way every day. A new elegant way. An impeccable new way. It can shine with a new light. When you talk to someone (in business negotiations and / or when you have the desire to impress a woman) the gaze of your interlocutor is facing the face and neck (it's a fact). In this situation, the tie is your main and friendly assistant. In fact, with the right choice it creates a good impression, in the eyes the interlocutor produces a pleasant aesthetic impression, and your chances of ending the key conversation in advantage for you increase up to 100 percent!



But what can ruin this impression? Consider some errors:

  • The tie is too long or too short. The end of the tie must reach the level of the belt, follow this rule and you can't go wrong.
  • The knot is too big compared to the shirt collar. Respect the proportions, remember the consistency of the material from which the tie is produced, give preference to a simple and elegant knot and there will be no problems!
  • The space between the tie and the collar. This occurs quite often! You can't always take a look in the mirror when you want to improve the tie, and eventually, the knot can be moved and the image becomes sloppy. Avoiding this problem is simple - just tighten the knot hard enough, be careful, make the knot look thin and your look will look elegant all day long.
  • Similar patterns of shirt and tie. Tie with pattern? Perfect! Are you wearing a patterned shirt? Surely! Why not? But ... Models must be different, they must be clearly visually distinguishable! The color, the size, the optical effect, everything is important! Experiment by looking at yourself in the mirror, trying different options, until you see the combination that suits you best, which is very pleasant to look at. If you don't trust yourself and you're afraid of making a mistake, you can write to us for an opinion or you can give preference to a more classic version.
  • The color is too strong. The luminous tie is a great addition to the dress, which will emphasize your courage and mood, but you have to be careful. Pure color, free of impurities and relief will at least be vulgar, and at worst will bring all the attention to itself and its owner will not be remembered. Consider the type: the brighter the tie, the darker the skin tone should be. Choose ties with relief design and / or in combination with other colors. Don't be afraid to choose brightly colored ties! With the right qualitative choice your image will come out refreshed.


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